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Where can I buy pints of Madisono's Gelato?

Our pints are available in over 80 retail locations in the Ohio/Kentucky region.

Click here for a current list of locations.


What's the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato is made quite differently from ice cream. It's churned at a lower speed, which means less air is whipped into the mixture which in turn delivers a dense, creamy treat with it's signature strong flavor profile.


How is Gelato Low Fat?

It's lower in fat than premium ice creams because it's made with milk instead of heavy cream. The gelato-making process incorporates less air into the product, resulting in a creamier feel without using cream.


Is Sorbet Vegan?

Our sorbet recipes do not include dairy products or egg. They're made with fruits and pure cane sugar as a sweetener, making them a delightful treat for vegetarians and vegans alike.


Is Madisono's a gluten-free product?

Yep. There is no gluten in our gelato or sorbetto. We process in a plant that does have wheat products but our equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every batch. If you are concerned about trace elements of gluten, we do not recommend eating Madisono's.


Do your products have egg?



Do you use high-fructose corn syrup?

Nope. We like the cane sugar better.


Is it a Kosher product?

Sorry, it's not.


What are the flavors available in pints?

All the pint flavors descriptions are listed here.


Can I see nutritional information and ingredients of each flavor?

Yes, all our nutritional information and ingredient lists are here.


Can I get the same flavors in pints that I've had at restaurants?

Not necessarily. Some of our custom flavors are developed exclusively for restaurant chefs and are not yet in pints. If you loved a flavor you tried at a restaurant, please let us know. Our Bananas Foster flavor was so popular at started out custom and was so popular, we decided to sell it in the pints.


Would Madisono's donate product to my charity?

We absolutely support local charities and admire the work you do to make the world a better place. Please contact owner Matt with your proposal and we will do our best to support your good works.


Can I have Madisono's at my private event (wedding, bar mitzvah etc)?

Madisono's does not typically do private events but we will be happy to discuss options with your caterer.


What's the deal with the Sasquatch?

We believe in Madsquatchy because it's quirky and we like to laugh about it. If you ever have the chance to see our delivery van out and about, try to find him.  #madsquatchy

Madisono's FAQ

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