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Madisono's first pallet!

As most people know, increase in growth is the goal for any business. For small businesses like ours, growing can be exciting, painful, expensive and frankly, scary at times. We've been dedicated to the growth of our gelato business since we started Madisono's in 2006. We learned what we can and cannot do efficiently, worked on The Numbers, talked to experts and had some amazing experiences with mentors from the business community.

2015: The Year of The Pallet

We're thinking about calling it "The Year of the Pallet" because while we are still making our gelato and sorbet in the small batch method, mixing in the fresh ingredients and hand packing it into the pint containers--we are filling not just cardboard cases, we are filling pallets of gelato and sorbet. That is a moment of great joy for us at the production plant.

Thank you for enjoying our gelato and sorbet and telling your grocers about it. Thank you for supporting a family business and the workers we employ. You are awesome!

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