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Being a part of new food traditions

We read this great round-up article about Cincinnati's new food traditions and it got us feeling a little sentimental about our journey as a small business, and of those who are on this list and companies who are not listed but who are working just as hard to share a passion. It's never easy to dive into the world of the unknown. There are many of your neighbors who had very little idea what they were getting into when starting a food business, but stuck with it and figured it out amidst all the bumps and bruises along the way. These friends of yours dug deep into their pockets and their hearts to keep going even if they were certain their venture could have a very public undoing. And then to make it past 2, 5 and even 10 years in a business? Boy, are we lucky to have these kinds of ground breaking friends making an important impact in Cincinnati!

We have personally watched many of the companies listed in the article grow and expand through the years. We've eaten the Socrates Revenge at Dewey's pizza, we sold the first Taste of Belgium waffles at our family store in Findlay Market, we eat Grateful Grahams with peanut butter for breakfast, we grab a late night Holtman's doughnut after a night in OTR, we've grabbed an ice cold Street Pop at a local concert. We love these "new" additions to our lives because not only do we support local business and the people who run them, because their food is damn good!

Cincinnati is known for some great food traditions: LaRosas, the Friday night large hand tossed pizza doubled with the Buddy Card you bought from your kid (or your neighbor's kid). Skyline Chili, the place to go with your family because you can munch on that cute little pack of hexagonal saltine crackers during the 6 minute wait to get your cheese coney with mustard and cheese. And Graeter's, where after school and game celebrations take the form of Black Raspberry Chip ice cream with the monster sized chocolate chips lodged within the cone.

We are proud of our local food traditions and we are inspired by the new traditions that are joining in this new generation of food experiences. We raise a glass of Rheingeist Truth to your continued success!

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