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Sorbet Sangria

Summer Sangria with Sorbet

Looking for a summer cocktail recipe? How about this summer sangria recipe made super refreshing with our raspberry and lemon lime sorbet. It's simple to make and only has 3 simple ingredients. Enjoy!


1 bottle Riojo Spanish wine

1 pint Madisono's Red Raspberry Sorbet

1 pint Madisono's Lemon Lime Sorbet (Lemon Basil is also good!)

Orange slices (garnish)


Using a melon baller or small scoop, place 3 scoops (roughly the amount of standard ice cream scoop) of Raspberry and 3 scoops of Lemon Lime sorbet in a small glass. Pour wine over the scoops and garnish with orange slice.

Yes. It's that easy.

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