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Clifton Market is Baaacck!

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The rebirth of local Clifton IGA grocery store from financial disaster to Clifton Market, a fully operational cooperative, is proof that retail stores can revive and thrive when the communities around them get organized and get to work.

It's been...too long. The Clifton IGA was an icon and staple for the people who live in the Clifton, Corryville and Clifton Heights. Though the Clifton location was profitable, the mismanagement of funds by the previous owners caused the store to collapse financially and it closed. The community was devastated. After several years, some very passionate people came up with a different plan; a cooperative grocery store called Clifton Market. The phoenix rose again from the ashes. What a triumph for Cincinnati and those who care deeply about local retail business and the communities they serve. You can read more about the people who are behind Clifton Market here.

We couldn't be more proud to be included in the newly opened, Clifton Market. We know personally that when small businesses thrive, we all thrive. Congratulations to the Clifton-ites and all of Cincinnati! Let's celebrate with a pint...of Madisono's Dark Chocolate Orange gelato.

Pints of Madisono's Gelato And Sorbetto at Clifton Market, Cinicnnati
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